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About the Virtual Procedures Office



Browsing by subject

Procedures are classified by subject. Click on a subject to access the list of subtopics. Select the appropriate one to bring up a list of related procedures.


For example, under Culture you can find subtopics such as Libraries and Publications..>




Procedure selector

All browse-by-subject pages include the Selector, a box with a range of filters for selecting procedures.


You can choose to filter procedures by:

  • Procedure type
  • Ministry* responsible
  • Target profile
  • On-line procedures
  • Before the deadline procedures

For example, selecting Grants and subsidies without selecting a subject will show all of the procedures related to Grants and subsidies in the Virtual Procedures Office, but if you select the Families profile, you will only be shown the Grants and subsidies applicable to families.


You will also find the icon key on procedure access pages.


Natural-language search engine

The Virtual Procedures Office search engine processes queries in natural language, interpreting the meaning of your query and returning all results.



As the Virtual Procedures Office search engine is able to interpret the meaning of what you have entered, all sorts of queries can be used.

Ask a question regarding the procedure you are looking for, just as you would say it, or just enter the key phrases or words. The search engine will interpret your query semantically and will return a result.




Procedures with other administrations

Although the search engine is focused on Government of Catalonia procedures, the Virtual Procedures Office also includes an option to search for local procedures handled by the Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC) in partnership with the town councils of Catalonia.


For local searches, you can restrict the search to the municipality you are interested in.

Furthermore, you can find the link on the state procedures homepage.




Each procedure, step by step

The first page of a procedure includes a basic description. From the How to ... box you can access step-by-step instructions for each procedure type, such as applying for registration, cancellation or renewal.

If the procedure can be completed on-line, you will find the related links beneath the procedure type.

    You will also find the following:
  • �� forms related to the procedure
  • • links to the webpage of the relevant body
  • • links to pages giving further information
  • • links to related regulations

A procedure may be related to more than one subtopic. Consequently, the location by subject is shown at the foot of the page for each procedure.


The step-by-step instructions tell you all you need to know to complete the procedure, in person, over the Internet or by any other means.

You will also have the option of printing out the step-by-step instructions in full.




What to do when ... Easy help guides

The dossiers What to do when attempt to explain the different steps that citizens and businesses have to make certain life situations. Thus we can find information on what to do when a child is born, we are unemployed, we make ourselves independent, we retire, etc.
Not only includes the procedures of the Government, but also those of other administrations that procedures are necessary before a given fact of life.


Each block opens a new page setting out the key information and links to the corresponding procedures.